Litargus connexus (Geoffroy in Fourcroy, 1785)

Family: Mycetophagidae
Genus: Litargus
Species: connexus

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2 Responses to “Litargus connexus (Geoffroy in Fourcroy, 1785)”

  1. Hermes Escalona Says:
    August 27th, 2013 at 8:09 am

    Dear Cosmin

    My name is Hermes Escalona, I work on beetle systematic at various levels and for the moments base at CSIRO, Australia.

    Together with some colleagues we are dealing with a paper on Mycetophagidae were we describe few new genera and provide the first key for the world genera. We are very interested into using your remarkable Mycetophagidae pictures to illustrate some genera in our paper, and would like to know if that will be possible, i positive we will need high resolutions of your pictures and preferably tiff files. We will acknowledge your authorship in the paper.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Hermes Escalona

  2. email sent.


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