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Here I’m trying to put together a photo album for the insects that I have found and photographed in my trips or from my collection, but also (in time, some day) some information about them. Here, with the exceptions of the butterflies/moths, can be found all insects photographed. For the butterflies/moths a separate website was created >>> Lepidoptera (just click on links to go on that pages). Also for dragonflies two separate pages exists (dragonflies from Romaniadragonflies from Greece) but this will be more orientated on the scientific part… so is likely that also here some of them will be posted.

UPDATE: 30.july.2017 – 406 species in almost 900 photos

This are grouped on orders of insects (Coleoptera, Neuroptera, Orthoptera…) and other arthropods each being followed by families (like Cerambycidae). Also you can see all the species in one page (hope that soon there will be a very long list…). Or if you know what you want to see use the search form.

A page with all the photos can be seen here and the possibility to see the last changes (regarding changes on species…) happened here was added.

Even if I’m a entomologist and biologist and even if I tryied my best it is possible that you will find wrong identifications. One reason for that is the lack of good books. If it happens to see any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them (more about me here).

Any comments/observations/critics are welcome, please put them here as comments or let me know.

The name used here are after the one found (mainly) in database of Fauna Europea.

Disclaimer: Even if great care is taken to accurately identify specimens from this website we cannot guarantee that all identifications are accurate, any observations are welcome. Commentaries on habitat, distribution, taxonomy and biology are also provisional and are subject to change as new information comes to light.

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